Applications of Avatar (EAV) Analysis

by Dr. Andrea Ferretti

Avatar (Electroacupuncture According to Voll) testing provides a low-cost, highly effective way of screening for physiological and energetic imbalances before they develop into full-blown illnesses. It is an excellent tool for reducing the skyrocketing costs of medical care in this country.

The level of accuracy of the electroacupuncture biofeedback devices is key to their future success and acceptance. Recently researchers at the University of Hawaii compared a diabetic population with a control group using electroacupuncture measurements on the spleen-pancreas meridian. The resulting data demonstrated a 95 to 97.5 percent correspondence between electroacupuncture biofeedback assessment and the conventionally confirmed diabetic group.

Another study at the University of Hawaii compared electroacupuncture assessment of the allergy meridian with six other methods of assessing food allergies. The electroacupuncture biofeedback data gave the highest compatibility with the Food-Re-Challenge Test, the most sensitive of currently available diagnostic techniques for determination of food allergies.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Southern California, were also able to demonstrate an 87 percent correlation between an electroacupuncture biofeedback analysis of lung cancer when compared with standard x-ray diagnosis.

Electroacupuncture biofeedback devices can also be used to determine which bacteria, virus, or toxin is specifically responsible for an illness, infection, or disease, and which remedies, nutritionals, or holistic medicines will help a particular health problem. Abram Ber, M.D., of Phoenix, Arizona, reports seeing a patient with Huntington chorea, a hereditary disease of the central nervous system. Characterized by progressive dementia and rapid, jerky motions, there is normally no treatment for this condition. He examined the patient with an electroacupuncture biofeedback device and found evidence of metal toxicity that he was able to treat with vitamin B12 injections and German homeopathic remedies. Within a year, the patient’s symptoms abated and he is doing well at the present time.
Andrea Ferretti, D.C., C.C.W.P. of Dundas, Ontario utilizes electroacupuncture according to Voll analysis (Avatar) to help individuals regain their health and maintain a genetically congruent health profile. Dr. Ferretti does not treat a specific disease, but rather approaches the patient as a whole ecosystem, looking for the underlying mechanisms that lead to disease. Dr. Ferretti knows that our cells are programmed for health and homeostasis and they are genetically designed to express health provided that they are sufficient in the necessary nutrients to operate and that they are free of any toxins.

Through the use of the Avatar, Dr. Ferretti can determine if there are deficiencies in required nutrients necessary for health cell function and if there are toxins of any kind present within the system. She can also have the Avatar test various remedies and nutritional supplements to find the most compatible protocol for each individual. One pediatric patient was brought to Dr. Ferretti with a diagnosis of trance type epileptic seizures. The seizures had begun two weeks after his eighteen month vaccination. He also was demonstrating regression of speech that had already been established, no longer slept well and was easily irritated. After analysis, the boy underwent an individualized program of homeopathic remedies to chelate the chemical solvents from the vaccination and to help his lymphatic system drain the toxins out of his system. His mother reported that three days into the program, the seizures stopped and within five days, his previous level of speech returned. She reported also that he returned to his cheerful self and his sleep was greatly improved.

Dr. Ferretti has also assisted many women in safely disengaging from the use of anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety medication. When a person has been on such medication, their system produces less serotonin because it is being supplied from the outside source of the medication. This is the main reason why many people attempting to disengage from such medication will crash at the four to six week mark and have to return to the medication. With the information supplied by electroacupuncture analysis, an individualized program of restoring cellular communication that ensures optimal absorption of nutrients and uptake of neurotransmitters through drainage and cleansing of receptor sites is applied. With this support network in place for some months before the reduction and disengagement of medication, the system does not suffer the post-medication crash and is able to move toward a more optimal level of health.

Fuller Royal, M.D. of Las Vegas, Nevada, uses electroacupuncture biofeedback devices exclusively in his practice. One patient came to him with angina, unable to walk across a room without pain. He had already undergone two bypass surgeries for sclerosis of the coronary artery and was facing a third. Using electroacupuncture biofeedback testing, Dr. Royal discovered the problem to be a wisdom tooth with a mercury amalgam filling. Once this filling was removed, the angina disappeared and the patient recovered completely.

In another case, Dr. Royal examined a six-month-old baby boy who was failing to thrive. The baby had been treated at the Mayo Clinic but still had not improved. Dr. Royal’s electroacupuncture biofeedback device revealed the presence of a virus contracted from the mother when she had the flu. He treated the problem with homeopathic remedies, and now, a year later, the child is a normal eighteen-month-old, learning to walk and talk just like other children his age.

Robert D. Milne, M.D. of LasVegas, uses electroacupuncture biofeedback devices to screen all his patients, many of whom come to him suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Using electroacupuncture biofeedback devices, he finds that virtually all female patients have digestive or pelvic problems predating the CFS. Once he treats these problems with diet, food supplements, Chinese herbs, enzymes and homeopathic remedies, the condition abates.

Another of Dr. Milne’s patients came to him with medically diagnosed intractable thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s disease). Electroacupuncture biofeedback testing revealed that his body’s energy system was congested. Using a combination of acupuncture, herbs, and homeopathic remedies to unblock the energy flow, Dr. Milne was ale to resolve the problem to the extent that the patient’s antimicrosomal antibody level, an indicator of thyroiditis, returned to normal.

Dr. Scott-Morley is another physician who employs electroacupuncture analysis in his practice. One of his patients was a thirty-six-year-old man who came to him with constant pain in the area of his liver. Two extensive medical investigations had found no evidence of anything wrong, and a third resulted in the suggestion that the man seek psychiatric treatment. Using an electroacupuncture biofeedback device, Dr. Scott-Morley measured the man’s liver points and confirmed chronic inflammation and possible pathological damage. The test further revealed aflatoxin toxicity (frequently caused by a mold found on stale peanuts). Dr. Scott-Morley asked the man if stale peanuts had any significance for him and was told that the man had previously been a truck driver and had transported peanuts from Italy to England, eating several handfuls of them while en route. Upon arrival, the shipment was found to be stale and condemned as unhealthy. Dr. Scott-Morley prescribed a homeopathic nosode of aflatoxin in conjunction with other remedies, and within a few weeks the man fully recovered.

Another woman came to Dr. Scott-Morley with pains in her abdomen and digestive disorders. Dr. Scott-Morley’s analysis indicated liver malfunction along with an impaired right kidney. The toxic agent appeared to be Bilharzia, a parasite common in the Nile and irrigation canals of Egypt. But when Dr. Scott-Morley asked the woman when she had last been to Africa, she replied that she had never been outside of England. A second test again showed the presence of Bilharzia, leaving both Dr. Scott-Morley and the woman puzzled. Later that same evening, the woman phoned back to reveal that her mother had reminded her that she had been born in Egypt and had fallen into an irrigation ditch when she was eighteen months old. Dr. Scott-Morley was then able to use a Bilharzia nosode to resolve the woman’s condition.