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What types of supplements are recommended?

Each person’s healing process is unique, and there are a variety of nutritional supplements available.

Why do we recommend supplements?

Impact offers the highest quality of Nutritionals, Botanicals and Homeopathics. Meticulous sourcing, innovative formulations, and clean processing are all reasons we recommends premium products that have an excellent history of performance and effectiveness. We offer only what we have determined to be the highest quality natural products available to our clients.

• Vitamins and minerals – capsules, liquid, and powder

• Phytonutritionals – encapsulated or liquid herbal blends and herbal/vitamin blends

• Amino Acids – encapsulated, concen- trated whitefish protein and rice protein powders

• Enzymes – plant-based digestive enzymes, capsules

• Antioxidants – liquid herbal extracts

• Probiotics – beneficial bacteria, capsules or chewable wafers

• Glandulars – provide the body with the blueprint of healthy tissue, capsules

What is a “nutritional” or “dietary” supplement?

A “nutritional” or “dietary supplement” is simply food nutrients in supplement form. They can be plant, mineral, or animal based. Some examples include multivitamins, antioxidants, and herbal tinctures. Dietary supplements are not drugs; they are designed to supply the body with concentrated nutrition for optimal function.

Why do I need supplements? I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

If your practitioner has recommended supplements, it simply means that your body is in need of some extra nutrients. Supplements are not intended to replace healthy food but should work in concert with proper diet and lifestyle choices. Additionally, there have been recent studies indicating that the nutrient content in our foods is declining and is not what it was several decades ago. This is believed to be the result of large-scale farming and food production practices. Supplements are a natural and affordable way to ensure that our bodies are getting the building blocks they need for normal function.

Are supplements expensive?

Nutritional supplements are very affordable and range in cost depending on the formulation. Look at nutritional supplements in terms of prevention – as an investment in your future. If you take care of your body now with proper nutrition and exercise, it is likely that you will have far less healthcare expenses later in life. That’s the beauty of preventative care!

How long will I have to take supplements?

That is unique to each individual. Some supplements can be taken for long-term maintenance, such as greens, digestive enzymes, or vitamins; while others are more beneficial for short-term use, such as glandulars and certain herbs. Practitioners can design a customized supplement program for you based on your individual needs.


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