Spagyric Botanicals

…and your health

A Brief History…

The traditional use of “botanicals” or “herbs” to maintain a healthy lifestyle has been practiced beyond the time of written records. The practice of herbalism has played a key role in promoting health among all indigenous peoples and in more well-known systems of traditional medicine such as Ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, before the discovery of many popular drugs, including penicillin, botanicals such as echinacea were regularly prescribed by herbalists to promote balance and support the immune system. Today the National Institute of Health sites nearly 1 in 5 adults in the United States use herbal products.

How Does Botanical Medicine Work?

Botanicals work in different ways depending on their specific properties. Some herbs, such as milk thistle, have been recommended for their balancing effect on the liver, while other herbs, such as valerian root, have a sedative effect that can assist with occasional sleeplessness. Thousands of research studies have been performed on a variety of different herbs by isolating their unique compounds in order to discover their active components. Many drugs on the market today, including aspirin, valium and codeine, originally came from the isolated and refined active chemical component of a botanical. However, traditional herbology is a “holistic” system, meaning that the components of the plant are only considered effective in the context of their whole, natural state.

In addition to their active components, botanicals also contain other vital constituents such as vitamins, minerals, and volatile oils, which are essential in producing a balanced state where the occurrence of side effects is unlikely. In fact, in the United States herbal products are actually considered foods.

So, what are Spagyric Botanicals?

Spagyric processing is a unique and specialized form of processing that involves three steps: separation, purification & reunification. Spagyric processing, like herbology itself, takes a holistic approach. This process produces a liquid remedy that is concentrated, easy to assimilate, and ultra-rich in the desirable properties of the whole botanical. Through various renowned laboratories, Impact offers a full line of authentic, spagyrically processed botanicals and botanical blends.

What are the Benefits of Using Botanicals?

• T hey are backed by countless years of research and application

• When used correctly, herbs can offer support for the whole body

• Herbal remedies are both convenient to take and affordable

• T hey work with your body’s own natural healing ability

• When used properly, they can offer safe and natural solutions to maintain health

How Do I Know which Botanicals are Right for Me?

It is important to remember that the right botanical for the right person at the right time will produce the most beneficial results. With this understanding, start by talking to your practitioner, as he or she may have recommendations for you based on your unique wellness strategy.

How Can I Learn More About Botanicals and My Health?

There are many wonderful resources available online, through books, and countless research studies made public by various natural health organizations. You can start by talking with practitioners who can explain how botanical medicine relates directly to you and your needs.


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