Unresolved Emotions

More and more today, doctors and patients recognize that mental and emotional state of a person and their physical well-being are intimately connected. An unhealthy body can lead to an unhealthy mind, and an unhealthy mind – a mental illness or disorder – can trigger or worsen diseases in the body. What we experience as feelings, good or bad, are at the cellular level no more than a complex interaction of chemicals and electrical activity. Emotional and mental disorders such as anxiety, stress, and depression represent an imbalance in that interaction – one that can kill just as directly as more obvious physical ailments. Likewise, physical ailments like heart disease, high blood pressure, intestinal disorders, cancer, diabetes and a long list of other physical sicknesses are known to be caused by and certainly worsened by emotional states such as stress (especially low-level chronic), emotional fatigue, anxiety, fear, and others. Many emotional conditions are not just acute, they are chronic and on-going – An unreasonable boss, a harrowing commute, a stormy relationship, an unstable stock market, a general sense of a life that is out of control or lacking in meaning – Emotions that cannot be easily resolved- are being recognized as a source of physical illness.


Unresolved Emotions very specifically target very particular organs. Studies have shown that the most successful remedy for many physical diseases and psychological disorders involves therapy that incorporates measuring the influence and effect that these unresolved emotions have had on the physical body, and determining a course of therapy that simultaneously addresses the mental and emotional issues along with physiological health issues. State-of-the-art digital assessment technology combined with psychological analysis methodologies can effectively help practitioners identify issues and their cause. The protocols indicated by the testing allow for direct and effective approach to helping clients to deal with their issues, confront them in a constructive, healthy manner, and guide them into resolving the issues. This approach has proven to be overwhelmingly successful in helping the client achieve vibrant health and happiness, reclaiming that which they have lost, and many cases achieving a level of health never before experienced – BODY, SOUL, AND SPIRIT